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Yuuto Suzuki's Portrait

Yuuto Suzuki (鈴木祐斗 Suzuki Yūto?, born 6 July 1993) is a Japanese manga artist and the author of the Sakamoto Days manga series, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump.


Suzuki was born in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

After graduating from high school, Suzuki was enrolled at Tokyo University of Arts, known as the most prestigious art school in Japan.

In April 2019, Suzuki drew a one-shot called Garaku in web magazine Jump Plus. Garaku had got 590,000 views in a week and became one of the most read comic in Jump Plus.

4 months after Garaku, Suzuki created a one-shot called Locker Room. Locker room got a highly favourable reception and a TV drama adaptation.

After Suzuki gained high recognition as a mangaka, he started his first serialization Sakamoto Days.



  • Garaku (骸区?) (Shonen Jump+; April 2019)
  • Locker Room (ロッカールーム Rokkā Rūmu?) (Shonen Jump+; September 2019)
  • Sakamoto (SAKAMOTO-サカモト-?) (Jump GIGA, December 2019) - prototype of Sakamoto Days


  • Sakamoto Days (Weekly Shonen Jump, November 2020 - present)

Author Comments[]

Author Comments
WSJ Issue Comment Chapter
2020-51 Nice to meet you! I’m Yuto Suzuki. I’d be very happy if many people were to enjoy this series. Chapter 1
2020-52 I have a sore at the base of my tongue. I got some Chocola BB, and I hope that works. Chapter 2
2021-01 I watch YouTube during breaks. I really want to eat the Korean crab dish yangnyeom gejang. Chapter 3
2021-02 I also want to eat the Korean crab dish ganjang gejang. Looks tough to make at home though! Chapter 4
2021-03/04 Most of the items in my house that can be used as weapons are concentrated in the kitchen, so I make sure not to defy my wife. Chapter 5
2021-05/06 Congratulations for 1,000 chapters. I enjoy analyzing One Piece lately. Chapter 6
2021-07 I love thrill rides. I want to commute to work with the Thunder Dolphin from Tokyo Dome City. Chapter 7
2021-08 I’d love to design the rails of jet coasters. The height, length and speed would be the best in the world!! Chapter 8
2021-09 I’m hooked on chuupet popsicles again now. I love having them while I’m in the bath. Chapter 9
2021-10 I’m into Molcar and BTS. I’m at home all the time, so I’m getting more indoor hobbies. Chapter 10
2021-11 It’s fun to draw Boiled’s flashy battles. By the way, his bomb recipes are just made up. Chapter 11
2021-12 I ran about 50 meters on the way to go shopping, and I was so out of breath it was shocking! Chapter 12
2021-13 A little while back, I made the mistake of eating half-cooked chicken. The soft, slippery texture was gross. Chapter 13
2021-14 I’m amazed by people who can watch movies while they draw. I end up not being able to focus on either the movie or my drawing. I’m a lost cause. Chapter 14
2021-15 I want to enter the room of spirit and time. After a while I’ll come out looking feeble. Chapter 15
2021-16 Thank you for the Valentine’s Day chocolate for the characters! I can’t believe Boil got some! Chapter 16
2021-17 I’m too scared to go bungee jumping, but I would like to go skydiving. Chapter 17
2021-18 I always think of Hokkaido as having delicious seafood, so I’d like to visit someday. Chapter 18
2021-19 I get a lot of canker sores. I think the ones under the tongue are the most painful. Chapter 19
2021-20 There’s lots of ways to show an invisible person, but my favorite is the stealth camo in Metal Gear 3. Chapter 20
2021-21/22 For some reason I’ve always liked museums. I like places like the Adult Museum in Atami. Chapter 21
2021-23 For studying dinosaur bone structures, I recommend the digital dinosaur exhibit at the website of the National Museum of Nature and Science. Chapter 22
2021-24 The ikezukuri live preparation of seafood in Hakata results in delicious and supposedly nearly transparent squid. I hope to try it someday. Chapter 23
2021-25 When I’m stuck on the story, I get super stressed and my legs start shaking unconsciously like crazy. Chapter 24
2021-26 I love traveling, so I’ve been watching a ton of travel videos on YouTube. I recommend Deruka. Chapter 25
2021-27 I want to go to a beach barbecue and eat a ton of clams and oysters. And then I’d go to a hot spring on the way home. Chapter 26
2021-28 I’m out of shape, so I recently started doing some exercises that I can do at home. I almost threw up. Chapter 27
2021-29 I figured I’d have a drink after finishing up the chapter, but I got a headache after drinking a beer. Sad. Chapter 28
2021-30 My wife is singing the Pallas’s cat song. I asked her to stop, but she won’t. Chapter 29
2021-31 I’m so happy my manga appeared in Roboco, which I enjoy every week. Thank you so much! Chapter 30
2021-32 My favorite YouTuber group is Tokai On Air. What unique and funny characters. Chapter 31
2021-33/34 I dropped my phone and broke it. Since way back, I’ve always not gotten too depressed about dropping my phone and breaking it. Chapter 32
2021-35 I thought I’d never get a big belly, but I’ve done so little exercise lately that I’ve gained weight. Chapter 33
2021-36/37 This week’s color page connects to the one in the next issue. Please combine them! Chapter 34
2021-38 If I’m tired, I can eat somen noodles even if I’m not hungry. It’s so good when served cold. Chapter 35
2021-39 I’ve always been bad at card games. I’m bad at any game that requires you to use your head. I’m good at throwing things. Chapter 36


  • His birthday is on July 6.
  • His hobby is basketball.
  • His favorite manga series are Domu and Hunter × Hunter.