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Yuuto Suzuki ( 鈴木祐斗 ) is the mangaka responsible for creating the Sakamoto Days manga series,serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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Author Comments
WSJ Issue Comment Chapter
2020-51 Nice to meet you! I’m Yuto Suzuki. I’d be very happy if many people were to enjoy this series. Chapter 1
2020-52 I have a sore at the base of my tongue. I got some Chocola BB, and I hope that works. Chapter 2
2021-01 I watch YouTube during breaks. I really want to eat the Korean crab dish yangnyeom gejang. Chapter 3
2021-02 I also want to eat the Korean crab dish ganjang gejang. Looks tough to make at home though! Chapter 4
2021-03/04 Most of the items in my house that can be used as weapons are concentrated in the kitchen, so I make sure not to defy my wife. Chapter 5
2021-05/06 Congratulations for 1,000 chapters. I enjoy analyzing One Piece lately. Chapter 6
2021-07 I love thrill rides. I want to commute to work with the Thunder Dolphin from Tokyo Dome City. Chapter 7
2021-08 I’d love to design the rails of jet coasters. The height, length and speed would be the best in the world!! Chapter 8
2021-09 I’m hooked on chuupet popsicles again now. I love having them while I’m in the bath. Chapter 9
2021-10 I’m into Molcar and BTS. I’m at home all the time, so I’m getting more indoor hobbies. Chapter 10
2021-11 It’s fun to draw Boiled’s flashy battles. By the way, his bomb recipes are just made up. Chapter 11
2021-12 I ran about 50 meters on the way to go shopping, and I was so out of breath it was shocking! Chapter 12
2021-13 A little while back, I made the mistake of eating half-cooked chicken. The soft, slippery texture was gross. Chapter 13
2021-14 I’m amazed by people who can watch movies while they draw. I end up not being able to focus on either the movie or my drawing. I’m a lost cause. Chapter 14
2021-15 I want to enter the room of spirit and time. After a while I’ll come out looking feeble. Chapter 15
2021-16 Thank you for the Valentine’s Day chocolate for the characters! I can’t believe Boil got some! Chapter 16
2021-17 I’m too scared to go bungee jumping, but I would like to go skydiving. Chapter 17
2021-18 I always think of Hokkaido as having delicious seafood, so I’d like to visit someday. Chapter 18
2021-19 I get a lot of canker sores. I think the ones under the tongue are the most painful. Chapter 19

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His birthday is on July 6.
  • His hobby is basketball.
  • One of his favorites manga is Hunter x Hunter.
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