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Uzuki, also known as "X" or Slur, is a killer seeking to overthrow the JAA. He has killed about a quarter of the assassin industry and always leaves an 'X' at the scene of his crimes, hence his alias. He started his killings around the same time Tarou Sakamoto's bounty was put up. Based on his actions, He is the current main antagonist.


Uzuki was initially portrayed as cold, being able to kill a quarter of the assasins in Japan in cold blood. He also provoked Sakamoto by mentioning his daughter when the latter refused to fight with the intention of taking the former's life, hinting that he may harm Sakamoto's family if he were to be left alive.

When attempting to take over a JAA, he showed a friendly and more caring side of his when conversing with his subordinate Gaku and feeling apolegetic when his other subordinate Uda had to suicide bomb in order for him and Gaku to escape when Takamura shows up.


Uzuki is a seemingly slim man of average height. He has light-colored, messy hair that is parted in the middle. He has black eyes that gives a dead and empty look. He wears a coat with a turtleneck as his inner clothing, along with slacks and formal shoes.


Not much is currently known about his past, just that him and Sakamoto knew each other back when Sakamoto was still active. In Chapter 55, it was also revealed that Uzuki was one of the other students back when Sakamoto and Nagumo were trainees at the JCC and that at some point, Sakamoto, for reasons not yet revealed, at some point tried to assasinate Uzuki and thought that he was dead until their untimely reunion at the JAA.

Abilities and Powers[]

Uzuki is a skilled killer, able to kill a quarter of the assassin industry, a feat so great, the Order had to step in.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: He is able to move extremely fast, appearing behind his opponents without them noticing. He is so fast, he is able to stab the legendary Sakamoto, although weakened at the time due to being out of shape, in the stomach and was able to keep up with Sakamoto's blinding speed during their brief fight.