Sakamoto Days Wiki

Usami is the head JCC test admin, overseeing the entire thing


Usami wears baggy pants, a loose button up shirt and belted boots. His face has a freckles around his nose and dreads sprouting upwards.


Usami is very calm and nonchalant, even when facing possible death not losing his cool.



Usami is hidden among the examinees as one of the exam admins. When Kanaguri blows a hole in the plane, Usami and the other admins safely descend using parachutes. After a quick discussion, Usami decides to just claim that they have entered part 2 of the exam. Landing safely on the beach, Usami and the other admins explain to those who finished with bullets and the special recommendations what the final part will be. As part 3 begins, one of the special recommendations, Shinaya, goes rouge. Usami and the admins disqualify him, but he continues to reek havok, taking out half the admins in one swoop. Usami encourages whoever remains to flee.

Upon Shinaya being taken out by Sakamoto, Usami congratulates those who passed.