Tarou Sakamoto (坂本太郎 Sakamoto Tarō?) is a retired hitman. He was the greatest hitman, feared and revered by bad guys and hitmen everywhere. However, he left the hitman world in order to be with his wife. He currently owns a store, and has one child. He is the jack of all trades of his town, and is very popular and well liked by people in his town.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sakamoto is a chubby man with gray hair tied into a ponytail and a little mustache. He wears round glasses and an apron over his normal clothes. He is taller in his skinny form, and his facial features are more detailed, and he looks more handsome overall as noted by Shin.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sakamoto isn't much of a talker and prefers to let his actions to do speaking for him. He deeply loves his family, shown by the fact that he left his hitman profession just to be with them. He has great amounts of respect and protectiveness towards his wife, Aoi Sakamoto.

History[edit | edit source]

Sakamoto became the greatest hitman after graduating from school. However, he fell in love with his current wife, Aoi Sakamoto. He then quit his job and married her. At one point, they had one child and named her Hana. Sakamoto then got out of shape and became fat. He became of the owner of the Sakamoto Store and was in charge of the front desk.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Aoi Sakamoto

She is Sakamoto's wife and the main reason he left the hitman business. He deeply loves and respects her, and tries his best to protect her, and not make her angry. He also tries his best to keep in line with her rules, another show of his respect for her.

Hana Sakamoto

Hana is Sakamoto's daughter and his only child. Not much interaction has been shown between them, but Sakamoto deeply loves her, and will do his best to protect her.


Shin was Sakamoto's partner, however he know works in Sakamoto's store alongside him. Sakamoto cares about Shin, evident by the fact that he saved him from being killed. Sakamoto usually confides in Shin, and trusts him. He is the closest thing Sakamoto has to a friend.

Lu Xiaotang

Lu Xiaotang is a girl that Sakamoto saved for the sole purpose of making pork buns for him. Ever since then, she has come to work in his store, and seems to have friction with Shin.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As the legendary hitman, Sakamoto was renowned throughout the underworld with his superhuman speed and reflexes to kill his targets. He's also known for his expertise of hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. Even in his chubby form, Sakamoto is still a force to be reckon with.

Enhanced Strength: Sakamoto boasts incredible physical strength, even in his chubby form. He was easily able to decapitate people in his prime and in his chubby form, was able to kick Shin, a very capable assasin through his store. He is even able to stop a fast moving bus using a stop sign, and was able to destroy Son-Hee's chakram with just a frying pan.

Enhanced Durability: Sakamoto is able to withstand a kick from Bacho and survive unscathed. He's even able to withstand a fall from a very tall building and emerge virtually unscathed.

Enhanced Reflexes:Sakamoto has incredible fast reflexes, able to dodge the Tofu Scramble attack, and hit Bacho before he was even able to attack. He is able to dismantle and slice guns before people can even react.

Enhanced Speed: Sakmoto is extremely fast, able to kill numerous people in seconds on multiple occasions. He was also able to punch Bacho before the assasin even noticed, planting his feet on the ground so hard, it cracked. He can also catch up to a speeding bus on foot.

Enhanced Agility: He's able to move around his store with so much agility that Shin couldn't keep up with him, or follow his movements.

Skinny Form: If he wishes to, Sakamoto can revert his body back to how it was when he was still in shape, looking exactly as he did in his hit man days. He gets a power boost in this form that allowed him to overwhelm Boiled, an extremely capable hitman, completely. His strength allows him to smash Boiled into a carriage on a Ferris wheel.

Proficient Close-Quarters Combatant: Sakamoto has incredible skills in close-quarters, allowing him to kill multiple armed men, with just knives and his own fists. He is also resourceful, and can use nearby objects to his advantage, such as when he used a frying pan to destroy Son-Hee's Chakram, or when he slammed Bacho down using a freezer.

Hitman Skills: Sakamoto was the greatest hitman in the game before retiring, and was so good even after retiring that Shin said he was the best hitman, even in retirement. He's also proficient in gun use, having extremely precise aim.

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