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Takamura is a character from Sakamoto Days. He is a powerful assassin and a member of the Order, a group consisting of the strongest members within the JAA. He also appears in previous one-shots, Garaki and Locker Room, both written by Yuuto Suzuki.


Takamura is a short, frail-looking old man with slicked back hair and eyes that always remain closed. Much like the other male members of the Order, Takamura wears a black suit with a white dress shirt underneath. He is often seen with his katana, which he uses as a resting cane when he sits down.


Takamura never speaks normally (but is still capable of communicating, as seen in the one-shot), instead, he always whispers incomprehensible words.

He is described as a "killer with no brakes". Takamura appears to act mainly on instinct, reflexively slicing a fly in half. Despite this, it can be inferred that he only kills people whom bears ill-will towards him or who have bad intentions. Takamura possesses some respect for human life, helping Taro Sakamoto save the Tokyo Tower from collapsing.


As a member of the Order, Takamura is powerful enough that Slur was hoping he'd be dead when they attempted to take over the JAA. Even in his advanced age, he possesses incredible destructive power. As a testament to his strength, Slur speculated that Gaku may have been the only person to survive a fight with Takamura.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Using his katana, Takamura was fast enough to stop bullets shot at him from point-blank range. His speed with his katana is so immense people can barely register his slashes. Similarly, he can draw and cut so quickly it appears his katana is only partially unsheathed.

Enhanced Strength: Even in his old age, Takamura possessed overwhelming strength. He was able to block an overhead attack from Gaku with his sheathed katana. Takamura is able to swing his sword with enough force to slice cleanly through the steel base of the Tokyo Tower, bisect a van and completely level an entire office floor.

Masterful Swordsmanship: Takamura's main forte is his unparalleled skills with the katana. Despite the short range of his katana, his slashes extend over a massive range and often completely decimate everything around him. His cuts are shown to be incredibly clean.

Intellect: Takamura saved the upper section of the Tokyo Tower from collapsing after slicing the base of the tower, causing it to tilt and balance the damaged structure. This allowed Sakamoto to stabilize the upper half of the tower with brute strength.