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The Sugar Park Arc is the second story arc in the Sakamoto Days series. The entire Sakamoto family goes on a trip to an amusement park. However, due to Sakamoto's bounty, he and Shin have to deal with assassins while having fun.


Sakamoto, Shin, Lu Xiaotang, Aoi and Hana go to an amusement park to have fun. Unbeknownst to Hana and Aoi, a billion yen bounty has been put on Sakamoto's head. Due to this, their day off is disrupted by assassins who want to kill Sakamoto, including a poison user who Shin defeats with Sakamoto's help. However, they soon encounter Boiled and Obiguro. Lu manages to keep Obiguro, while Sakamoto, despite originally being overwhelmed by Boiled, unleashes his skinny form and defeats him. However, despite their best efforts, Aoi Sakamoto eventually finds out about the bounty. Due to the issues they faced, Sakamoto and Shin decide to cut the bounty off at the source.

Story Impact[]

  • Lu's fighting skills are shown.
  • Boiled and Obiguro are introduced.
  • The Sakamoto family has their first family outing.
  • The effects of the billion yen bounty are shown.
  • Aoi Sakamoto finds out about the bounty and Sakamoto and Shin decide to cut it off at the source.
  • Sakamoto's Skinny Form's full power is seen.
  • The Dondenkai is fully introduced.

Battles & Events[]

Shin vs Tatsu

Boiled vs. Sakamoto

Lu vs Obiguro

Characters Introduced[]


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