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Shinaya is one of the three Special Recommendations for the JCC test. It is later revealed he is just a regular worker who is under the control of Gaku willingly.


Shinaya has a button up white shirt with sleeves rolled up to reveal electrical gloves. He has really baggy trousers with high boots. He wears googles to cover his eyes but also provide Gaku an image of what's going on. He has really messy hair.


Nothing is known of his personality as he is under the control of Gaku



Prior to the exam, Shinaya was just an ordinary worker. He volunteered to be controlled by Gaku due to his similar build and flexibility.


Shinaya arrives by boat as among the three recommended examinees. Immediately upon the third game starting, Shinaya under Gaku removes his tail. He later locates Toramaru and lands an explosive hit on her, rendering her unconcious. It is revealed Gaku's purpose there is to scout new members for slur. While Gaku is busy talking to Uzuki, the test admins restrain and disqualify him for his lack of tail. Not bothering to listen, Gaku/Shinaya immediately kill half the admin team. Shin prepares to take him on but is still weak from a previous battle, but before Shinaya can land a hit on him, he is stopped by Mafuyu Seba and Toramaru attack him as well.

Shinaya easily defends and deflects all three. Upon Kaji entering the battle, he listens in on Shinaya and notices hes asleep. As the three continue to miss, Shinaya seems to recoil in pain, but it is simply Gaku and the lack of space he has to work with. Shinaya under the control of Gaku appears to be miming. Upon getting back into shape, Shinaya takes the three out in one hit.