Shin is one of the deuteragonists in the manga series Sakamoto Days. He is an ex-hitman and an employee at the supermarket Sakamoto's. Shin is an old partner of Tarou Sakamoto. 5 years after Sakamoto quit, Shin was sent on a mission to kill him. Though he tried to kill Sakamoto, Shin was repaid in kindness and saw exactly what made Sakamoto leave the organization behind. Having failed his mission, Shin returned to his boss to plead that Sakamoto be left alone. He saw the things that were worth protecting and how much they meant even to the point of offering his life in place of Sakamoto's. Sakamoto helped Shin quickly after listening in on the conversation. Shin joined the Sakamoto family soon after and now works as a store clerk at Sakamoto's awaiting his next adventure with his partner and the rest of the Sakamoto Family.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shin a slim and medium height young man. He has blonde medium length hair and black eyes. His first appearance shows Shin in an open leather jacket along with a plain tee, baggy dark pants and bright tennis shoes. He later appears often in his work attire consisting of a collared dress shirt, a pair of slacks, and a green apron. His attire tends to vary as the chapters continue but keep the same basic green apron pattern.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shin has shown a variety of his characteristics as the manga has proceeded. Shin is very calm and collected in serious situations. He is well experienced in combat and adapts decently to situations he finds himself in with Mr. Sakamoto. Shin constantly searches for information around him whether it be his clairvoyant abilities or his perception. When not in the midst of battle, Shin is a bit more carefree. He can be clumsy at times act childish at times. Despite these things, Shin is very caring and loyal especially when it comes to Mr. Sakamoto. He sees Mr. Sakamoto as a role model and admires him much.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Being a former hitman himself, Shin has skills that he learned from being a hitman. They are quite similar to Mr. Sakamoto's skills but not as advanced. Due to being apart of the Sakamoto family, Shin must restrain himself from killing anyone.

Clairvoyance: Shin has the ability to read the minds of others as long as they are within his 20-meter radius. He can pick out specific people due to their emotional state. In order to use this correctly, Shin must tune into a person's mind as if he is a radio limiting him one person at a time. This has become a useful ability to predict enemy's future moves as well as gain intel for situations he may need them in. Clairvoyance has also been used as another sense to shin whenever he needs it. This ability has proven ineffective when he can't see his opponent or if they are faster than him and he can't focus on them. It is currently unknown how Shin gained this ability.

Hitman Skills: Shin seems to be well adapt with fighting knowing various techniques. He is well skilled with fire arms having good aim as well as exceptional hand to hand combat skills. He also appears to be handy at using non lethal traps such as smoke bombs. These skills have also given him a heightened sense of observation. This includes his skills of perception, his knowledge of lethal points and non lethal points on the human body, and martial art skills which we plan to see in the upcoming chapters.

Strength: Shin seems to be in excellent shape being capable of handling multiple groups of enemies and perform task which are usually difficult to the average human. This includes lifting heavy items, knocking out opponents with one hit, and dealing serious damage when needed.

Agility: Shin has shown his skills of his speed. In Chapter 8, we are shown examples of his speed and evasiveness on a rollercoaster against a hitman planning to attack Sakamoto. Shin's reaction speed is high allowing to dodge many basic attacks. This includes dodging things that are moving at high speeds. His speed also allows him to make hasty and quick decisions when he is short on time to think.

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