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Osaragi is one of the newest members of the Order, a group of the most powerful members within the JAA.


Osaragi is a young woman of average height and slender build with long, straight black hair that has an uneven fringe. Unlike her male counterparts within the Order, Osaragi has only been seen wearing a stylized mourning dress with floral mesh sleeves and a transparent veil.


Osaragi can be described as childish, often times acting on impulse without any forethought such as when she sought out the escaped serial killers without orders. She also tends to associate humans with animals, such as comparing Sakamoto with a teddy bear or Dump to an echidna, and is also blunt as well as willing to shift blame for mundane things towards other people. She has a penchant for food, suggesting eating pork cutlets before a job (an idea she later blamed on Shishiba) and purchasing a massive quantities of snacks, though she only shares food of her own volition.

She is also rather apathetic, displaying little emotion and even having normal conversations in the middle of battles.

She can also be incredibly apologetic, often times doing so for things she herself had nothing to do with, although she will point such things out afterwards upon thinking about it more.

Osaragi is fairly religious, praying at a shrine and violently "teaching" Dump how to pray by repeatedly bludgeoning her in the imitation of a bow. Osaragi strongly believes in and respects the benevolence of the gods, and even passes on that love herself to her enemies.

Skills & Abilities[]

Overall Capabilities: As a member of the Order and one of the strongest assassins in the JAA, Osaragi is an incredibly powerful individual. She could easily match a serial killer who'd killed 180 people until that point and was able to easily take down one of Kashima's top subordinates without issue.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Osaragi is incredibly fast, being able to react to a sneak attack and defend herself with just a coin in less than a second. She was also capable of consistently evading a barrage of attacks from Dump and even getting behind her in the blink of an eye. She could also casually destroying falling rubble without looking.

Osaragi was also able to catch up with Shishiba and Nagumo to assist them in battle even though both Order members accidentally left her behind during a roadtrip.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her slim frame, Osaragi has monstrous strength, being able to smash Dump's head into a stone statue hard enough to shatter it as well as casually swinging a suitcase described by Dump (who is quite strong) as being "heavy". During her fight with Dump, one kick from Osaragi was capable of shattering a statue and sending its head flying into the serial killer and, utilizing her buzzsaw, she was able to slice through stone, multiple torii and finally butcher her opponent with ease.

Enhanced Durability: Osaragi was able to leap from the top of a highway and land at the bottom without issue.

Osaragi is also indifferent to pain, such as being unfazed after being impaled through the hand by one of Dump's pikes or when she rammed her hand deeper into the spike in order to grapple the killer without visible discomfort.


Collapsible Buzzsaw: Osaragi's primary weapon is a seemingly ordinary suitcase which, upon entering combat can open up to reveal a massive circular saw with trailing, severed cables that she can wield as though it were a part of her body.

Despite seemingly being unpowered, the circular saw is still incredibly lethal. Osaragi is able to use the severed cables to hurl the saw around, almost like a flail or whip.