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Nakajima, known as "Pizza" Nakajima (ピッツァ中島, Pittsa Nakajima) is a Pizza Man Assassin, who uses his disguise as pizza delivery guy to get close and kill his targets.


Nakajima is a middle aged man with short dark hair and short beard. He is usually dressed in his pizza delivery guy disguise and wears a cap.



Nakajima knocked out by Nagumo

While Nagumo was at Sakamoto's warning Taro about his bounty, Nakajime came delivering pizza. Seeing everyone relaxed, he sees his change and pulls out his pizza cutters and threatens them that if they move, he will kill Nagumo. He sees Taro just sitting and eating pizza and gets annoyed that he didn't react at all. In that moment, Nagumo freed himself and headlocked Nakajima, however, Taro asked him to not kill him and Nagumo just knocked him out. Nagumo then takes Nakajima with him and leaves.

Abilities and Powers[]

Hitman Skills: As a professional assassin he isn't that skilled and is considered bottom-tier assassin. He uses a pizza delivery guy disguise to get close to his target. He uses pizza cutters as a weapon of choice.