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Minimalist is a serial killer from death row. He, along with Apart, Dump and Saw faked their deaths and escaped to Japan. He is an extremely dangerous user of brute strength.


Minimalist is an exceptionally tall, well-built man with dark skin and dreadlocks who usually wears a disinterested or impassive expression on his face. His outfit consists of a nondescript loose, black shirt, pants and shoes.

Minimalist has two barcode-like tattoos running laterally across his forehead and nose bridge. His left nostril has a piecing.


Minimalist is an individual who kills out of boredom. He finds satisfaction in killing a great number of victims and displays an inclination to fight strong opponents. True to his name, Minimalist is a simple and straightforward man. He dislikes liars and doesn't preoccupy himself with trivial matters, crushing his meal into a ball while stating that everything is the same after being crushed into a ball.

While Minimalist is typically emotionless, he becomes quick to anger, especially if facing a tricky opponent or if his personal possessions are stolen.

Despite his indifferent and homicidal attitude, Minimalist is capable of teamwork. He willingly cooperated with his fellow serial killers to acquire information on Taro Sakamoto.


Minimalist is an incredibly proficient serial killer, having killed over 370 people, which later escalated to 432. His modus operandi is to crush his victims into small balls. However, he was still no match for Order members and was overpowered by Nagumo.

Enhanced strength: Minimalist possesses overwhelming crushing power, being able to fold and crush diner tables and humans into small balls. He was also able to tear a counter in half without effort and throw a fully-stocked store shelf at Nagumo. He can easily handle balls he makes despite them being incredibly dense, and can even use them as projectiles. His grip strength is equally impressive, being able to tear chunks out of a metal shelves.

Enhanced speed: Minimalist was able to throw a crushed-up ball of metal with enough force to demolish store shelves.