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Mafuyu is one of the very skilled examinees taking part in the JCC exam in order to become an assassin.


Mafuyu has black hair which covers most of his face and is constantly seen with a face mask to protect himself from germs.

In terms of clothing, Mafuyu wears a baggy, long-sleeved, black jumper with an open collar, cargo pants and laced boots which have two blades hidden within.


Mafuyu is a germaphobe, going to extreme lengths to avoid dirty things and reacting with incredible disgust whenever he gets dirty. In fact, he won't even use his hands in battle do to not wanting them to get filthy, opting to use blades hidden inside his shoes in order to fight.

Despite his quirks, Mafuyu can remains incredibly calm in the heat of battle and even when faced with death.

As a 14-year-old, he is still immature and growing, so he is inspired by adults like Shin quite easily, despite insulting them with names like 'old man' at first.


Not much is known about Mafuyu's background although his main goal for entering the JCC is to reach the Order. Prior to the regular exam, Mafuyu's brother gave him the flu, which forced him to take the transfer test.


Before the battle begun, Mafuyu wanted to know if they could kill the JCC admins. Later on the battle in business class, Mafuyu intended to do just that upon beating Mizuno, but is stopped by Shin, who he promptly insults before engaging in battle. Shin is just barely avoiding his attacks, but Mafuyu pauses upon getting blood on him, which he is extremely repulsed by, spraying himself down. Mafuyu gets a little more serious and reveals two places from the heels of his boots and attacks Shin, who promptly used his clairvoyance to to counter, injuring Mafuyu.

Mafuyu is shocked Shin is able to constantly avoid his attacks, but is swiftly taken down by Shin who reads his every move. He accepts death and encourages Shin to kill him, but is spared, and begins to sob at Shins immaturity. Shin encourages Mafuyu to pass the exam, to which he expresses his desire to reach The Order. After a show of his own strength, Shin tells Mafuyu to reach the order, you don't need connections gut rather strength. Shin shares the bullets with Mafuyu and leaves. Mafuyu however, follows Shin, questioning him in response to his earlier questions. The two run into Kanaguri and after declining to be in his movie and even insulting him, the two are nearly killed, but saved by Sakamoto and Akira. Caught up in the 'movie scene', Mafuyu and the other examinees are hurdling towards the ocean. Sobbing and cold, Mafuyu and the others hand over their tops to Akira, who quickly sews a parachute. Mafuyu and the rest emerge from the ocean onto shore and dry off.

As stage 3 of the test begins, Mafuyu and Shin are once again paired up on white team, alongside Kaji, a special recommendation. The team ended up going the long way around the river due to Mafuyu not wanting to get wet, which causes them to run into Toramaru, another special recommendation. Mafuyu immediately flings her away and insults her Sakamoto obsession, calling her an escapist, which simply angers her. The three begin to flee from her who know is using a shotgun against them. Mafuyu is keen on teaming up in order to stop her, but in their bickering the two don't realize there's a waterfall ahead of them. Both Mafuyu and Shin fall in but are saved by Kaji. As Toramaru catches up, Mafuyu is incapable of moving due to sea sickness.

Shin and Mafuyu later witness Shinaya/Gaku take out the entire admin team, and our encouraged to flee by Usami. Mafuyu takes that advice and begins to leave, but Shin offers to stay behind a fight. Once again inspired by Shin, both Mafuyu and Toramaru take Shinaya on while Shin recovers from the previous battle. As the battle rages, the three are swiftly put down by Shinaya/Gaku. Mafuyu is kicked into a nearby wall, and despite being heavily injured, Shin's words were still inspiring him, who goes for a combination attack with Toramaru but is knocked out by the vastly superior Shinaya/Gaku and taken out of the fight.

Skills & Abilities[]

Incredible Speed & Reflexes: Mafuyu's greatest strength in combat is his amazing speed, as noted by Shin only being able to just barely dodge his attacks without utilizing his clairvoyance.

Master Swordsman: Due to his fear of dirtying his hands, Mafuyu has trained to fight with blades utilizing only his feet.


Bladed Shoes: