Lu Xiaotang (ルー 少糖シャオタン Rū Shaotan?) is a character in the Sakamoto Days (manga) series. She is the daughter of a Triad Family. She currently works alongside Shin as a store clerk at Sakamoto's and can be considered a part of the Sakamoto Family.






Shin is an ex-hitman and a clairvoyant who can read the minds of other people. He is a colleague of Lu. Both of them have formed a weird kind of friendship and camaraderie with him. They both work under Taro Sakamoto in his shop, Sakamoto's.

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Taro Sakamoto

Taro Sakamoto is a legendary ex-hitman who is currently the owner of a grocery store called Sakamoto's. He is currently Lu's boss and employer as she works as a store clerk at his store.

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