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Kanaguri is an undercover member of Uzuki's organization within the The Order, a legendary group of assassins. Despite being in the assassin world, he is world famous for his assassination films.


Kanaguri's appearance gives off similarly to that of an old projector, with the gear shape shaved into his hair and his scarf having the same patterns as projector reels. Besides that, Kanaguri's outfit consists of black pants, a white top and a long black coat.


An eccentric filmmaker, Kanaguri is an avid lover of the craft of filmmaking and seizes every opportunity he can to score some footage. He's easily aggravated, to the point of wanting to kill anyone who insults movies, although he seems to have a short attention span, gravitating to whatever is most exciting to him on a moment to moment basis and bringing some more action into it when he considers something too boring. To him, film making is his life, and any time he isn't creating a film he considers to 'not be worth living'.



While working as an assassin, Kanaguri also produced many assassin films, becoming famous in the industry and garnering thousands of fans, Shin being among them. He became known as 'the pioneer of assassin movies'. Kanaguri applied to serve as a test admin for the JCC exam in order to get more footage for his films.


As the examinees battle each other, Kanaguri is keen to get good footage, manipulating those around him to suit the scene he needs, and taking the same group out with a single slice of his clapperboard. Throughout the battle, Kanaguri uses his bullets in order to get the shots he wants, including getting others to stage the scene he needs. Kanaguri finds Mafuyu and Shin and offer them a place in his movie, which both decline, and he promptly goes for the kill, but are saved by Sakamoto and Akira. Kanaguri is immediately overjoyed at the sight of Akira, who he claims to be his ideal protagonist. Once again in order to get the perfect shot, Kanaguri manipulates the environment, shooting one of the admin bullets through the pilots head and sending the plane head first towards the ocean, but is disappointed by the scene a scraps it, instead pulling out a large camera laser and opening a hole in the plane, reminding all the examinees the 'exam is a movie'.

Kanaguri is finally satisfied with the scene, but has the bullets he stole taken back by Sakamoto, who he refers to as a 'fine supporting character'. Landing in the ocean, the camera breaks and the footage is lost, and Kanaguri dissolves into a pit of depression, lacking a reason to even live.

Upon the exam finishing, Kanaguri is revealed to be piloting the helicopter Toramaru and Mafuyu Seba boarded, treating the reveal as apart of his movie. Upon arriving at the warehouse the organization had made base in, Kanaguri made 38 attempts to get the perfect reaction from Mafuyu. Despite being asked to stop, Kanaguri continues to create his film, and is subsequently attacked by Carolina Reaper.

Abilities and Powers[]

  • Filming: At his heart, Kanaguri is a film maker. Even when at work assassinating, Kanaguri is keen to turn the scene into a movie and even uses his assassination expertise to produce very well made and popular movies.
  • Assassination: Kanaguri is one of the top assassins in the business, being able to join the order, an esteemed group of assassins. Kanaguri can take on a group of armed men all at once and not break a sweat in battle.
    • Strength: Kanaguri is incredible powerful, being able to lob off the heads of a dozen men at once.
    • Marksmanship: Kanaguri is a skilled marksman, being able to shoot the pilot in the head from afar.
    • Speed: Kanaguri is so fast that even Shin's clairvoyance could not see where he would be or what he would do, almost as if he was changing the future. Kanaguri can move from one place to the other in the blink of an eye, even being able to move people without their knowledge like Akira.