The Intro Arc is the first story arc in the Sakamoto Days series. It introduces us to Tarou Sakamoto, who was once the world's greatest hitman, but who is now a store owner, husband and father. This arc also introduces other characters that are essential to the story.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sakamoto is living a peaceful life with his wife and daughter when Shin, his partner from the hitman days and clairvoyant comes to visit him. He tries to convince Sakamoto to come back of the hitman world, but Sakamoto disagrees. Shin then has to kill Sakamoto, due to the fact that he left the hitman world. However, Shin is defeated, and upon defeat begs those from the Dondenkai to spare Sakamoto. It isn't successful and he is cornered by the men. However, Sakamoto appears and makes quick work of those present. Shin comes to work in Sakamoto's shop and over the next few days, they have encounters with various characters, including Lu Xiaotang. However, Nagumo, Sakamoto's old friend, appears and reveals that a billion yen bounty has been put on Sakamoto's head.

Story Impact[edit | edit source]

Sakamoto and various other characters are introduced. Shin and Lu Xiaotang come to work in Sakamoto's store. A billion yen bounty is put on Sakamoto's head and Sakamoto's Skinny Form is revealed.

Battles & Events[edit | edit source]

Sakamoto vs Shin

Sakamoto vs Dondekai assassins

Sakamoto and Shin vs Bus Hijackers

Sakamoto and Shin vs Son Hee and Bacho

Characters Introduced[edit | edit source]

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