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Gaku is a major antagonist in Sakamoto Days (manga). He is a powerful assassin under Slur. He aids Slur in his attempt to overthrow the JAA.


Gaku is a man of around average to tall height. He has white/light hair that is styled in a slick back manner, and also wears black square-shaped earrings. He wears a black jacket with rolled up sleeves, bandaged hands, black baggy pants, and strapped sneakers. He wields a cube-headed mace, in which he covers with bandages.

After his fight with Takamura. He lost his right ear, a part of his middle and ring finger on his left hand, and his right hand overall.


He appears to be a seemingly chill man, as he was calmly discussing with Slur about JAA, comparing their nervousness to that of a returning student going to school rather than a life and death situation, all of this as they are trespassing in enemy territory with hundreds of skilled assassins. He is also cold and brutal, casually killing JAA's members without hesitation and mercy.


Gaku is an extremely powerful combatant. He was able to massacre hundreds of members of the JAA. He was also able to hold his own against Takamura, who is currently one of the strongest characters in the series.

Enhanced Strength: He is able to casually obliterate half of a JAA guard's torso with a single punch.

Enhanced Speed: He is so fast that JAA members, most of which are skilled assassins, were unable to react to his attacks.