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Welcome to Sugar Park! (シュガーパークへようこそ! Shugāpāku e Yōkoso!?) is the seventh chapter of the Sakamoto Days manga series.


The Sakamotos were in the amusement park. The fact that being recently wanted kept lingering in Taro Sakamoto's mind, while his wife and daughter were not aware of any possible dangers. On the other hand, Shin and Lu Xiaotang also came to the amusement park with the Sakamotos in order to protect them, so that they could have a wonderful day without interruption. To Lu's wonder, Shin asserted that it was safe for now in their vicinity. It was revealed that Shin's power could reach people that up to 20 m away from him and read their minds. The people who were ready to kill, usually would be in a heightened emotional state. In Shin's words, using the power was like tuning the radio, so others' thoughts weren't always readable by him if he didn't concentrate. While the two were talking, Shin immediately detected an assassin closing in and informed Sakamoto. The assassin, Kurii Ningu, thought Sakamoto was oblivious of him and attacked him. Although Sakamoto wasn't facing him directly, he pulled out a pen from the Kurii's pocket and injected it straight into his chest. Kurii passed out shortly after. After Shin and Lu pulled Kurii aside, they were amazed by Sakamoto's skill for self-defending, which left him no deadly wounds.

Another assassin, Tatsu, after mocking Kurii and checking him, doubted Sakamoto's identity as a former legendary assassin. He was somewhat bothered by Shin's power but curious about what would happen if he didn't have anything on his mind. Tatsu then decided to have a little test. He walked pass Shin and Lu and followed them all the way to the roller coaster. When they all had their safety measure on, Lu found Tatsu, sitting in front of them, was suspicious. It was the time that Shin realized they were in danger. He quickly informed Sakamoto, but Tatsu had already shot Sakamoto on his glasses. Before the roller coaster reached the loop-de-loop part, Shin unlocked his safety belt, hopped out of his seat, and landed on where Tatsu was. He then pulled Tatsu out and the two dropped to the rails. Shin stated that Sakamoto was having a day-off, so he would take the fight for him.



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