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Nagumo (ナグモ Nagumo?) is the sixth chapter of the Sakamoto Days manga series.


Lu arrives for work, but Shin yells at her for being two hours late. Lu doesn't think that's a problem and seeing how she is dressed, Shin guesses that she never had a job before. Lu denies it, stating that she was helping her father bury some large bags. Shin asks Taro to fire her, but Taro explains that that's isn't a nice thing and that they should do their morning tasks, Shin to do outdoor cleaning and Lu to finish restocking the pork buns. Seeing Taro talk that much surprises both Shin and Lu, especially Shin, who comments that normally even Taro's thoughts are laconic. Taro finds that comment as rude, as he isn't just a lump of meat, but a human.

In that moment, a second Taro enters the shop. Seeing the first, the second wonders if they are doppelgangers. The first Taro, who was reading the newspaper, attempts to stab the second thought the paper, but the second manages to dodge. The first then attempts to pull a gun, but the second takes a paper cutter and puts it on the firsts neck. As he removes the paper cutter, he states its been a while since they saw each other with Nagumo. The first Taro then turns into a different person and compliments Taro for still being at top level. Shin is surprised, as he couldn't even read Nagumo's thoughts. Nagumo laughs, apologizing and stating that he didn't expect to fool them, but that only annoys Shin and Lu. Nagumo then introduces himself and states he is 18 years old and an old friend of Taro, who works at the supermarket across the street. Shin reads Taro's mind and learns that Nagumo is a former colleague of Taro during his hitman days and is actually 27 years old. Annoyed, both Shin and Lu beat up Nagumo for lying and tie him up.

Nagumo reveals that there is one billion yen on Taro's head, but Shin and Lu doesn't believe him. Nagumo states it was decided during the assassin's conference yesterday and it will be listed tomorrow. A man delivers pizza to Taro and as he leaves, Shin reads his mind, that he finds them to be sitting ducks. The pizza man assassin, "Pizza" Nakajima pulls out two pizza cutter and point them at Nagumo, telling them to not move or he will kill him, but gets annoyed seeing that Taro is just sitting and eating pizza. In that instant, Nagumo frees himself and gets behind Nakajima, grabbing him in a choke lock and stating that he wasn't lying. As he was about to break his neck, Taro tells him not to and Nagumo releases Nakajima. Nagumo is surprised that Taro still has the no-kill policy, but wonders if that way, he will be able to take on him and the rest of the assassins. Nagumo state he is joking and he has no intention of participating, as they specialize in preventing assassinations. Taro wonders who could benefit from his death. Nagumo explains that they carry orders, and don't question them. However, Taro was supposed to be retired, but wasn't really discreet in taking out the Danshokai Triad, and comments they will not likely see other amateurs like Nakajima. Nagumo then takes Nakajima and leaves.

Elsewhere, the Dondenkai who observe what happened at the store via hidden camera, comment that Nagumo seemed more dangerous than Taro. However, another man states they shouldn't underestimate Taro as he is former member of The Order. But other members think that the Order is just an urban legend and since Taro retired five years ago, it wouldn't be a problem to take him out. Taro had noticed the camera and points a gun at it, warning them that if they continue to come after him, he will give them hell and the shoots the camera.

Shin comments that if Nagumo is right, there will be more assassins coming. Taro thinks its better to stay at home as they don't know the enemy. Taro's wife and daughter show up, wondering if Taro is ready for tomorrow as he promised to take Hana tomorrow to an amusement park. Taro gets nervous, but tells Shin they have to do it.



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