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Vs. Son Hee and Bacho (VSブイエスソンヒ・バチョウ Buiesu Sonhi Bachō?) is the fifth chapter of the Sakamoto Days manga series.


Taro hits Bacho, causing the roof to break and they to fall into the last floor of the building. Son Hee tells Lu to give him the key and he will give her a beautiful death, but Lu prefers death over giving him the key. Son Hee is fine with that and states that her parents said the same and died horribly, lacking class as they care for an item more than for their lives. Lu gets angry, but Taro stops her and Shin tells her to not fall for cheap baits.

Son Hee throws a knife at Lu, however, Taro catches it. Son Hee and Bacho then engage Taro and use their special Tofu Scramble combo attack, however, Taro manages to dodge all of the slashes, which surprises Son Hee as no one had been able to do that before. Son Hee and Bacho then prepare to use a secret technique, but Taro hits Bacho with a pot knocking him out, and breaks Son Hee's weapon with a frying pan. Annoyed, Son Hee decides to go directly for Lu, however, Shin reads his mind and throws him on the ground with a rope, allowing Taro to then hit him with the fridge and knock out Son Hee. Lu wonders who Taro and Shin are, but they state they are simple shopkeepers.

Wang is in front of Lu's family safe, wondering what are Son Hee and Bacho doing. Taro and Shin then brings the defeated Son Hee and Bacho, surprising Wang. Lu gets behind Wang, who gets scared and apologizes begging for his life, but Lu beats him up, stating that his apology won't bring her parents back. Lu explains that if she killed everyone who wronged her, the killing would never end and her father taught her that the best revenge is to live a happy life.

Lu uses the key to open the safe. Curious, Taro and Shin get in first. The three get shocked as they see tons of gold, silver, jewels, toys and many other things. Shin finds the inventory list and reads that each item here was once the most treasured item of the head of the Lu family over the ages. Curious about her father's most treasured item, Lu find her father's item - a sake bottle with a sign saying that he will drink it with her when she comes of age. Happy, Lu decides to drink it with Taro and Shin, and Taro takes out the smashed pork buns to eat them while drinking.

Having no place to work, Lu decides to start working at Sakamoto's supermarket. Shin comments that she has tons of treasure, but Lu explains she can't just sell her family treasures. Shin complains that Lu arranged the products wrong and even put detergents in the fridge, but she doesn't care and states that people are still going to buy them. Meanwhile, Taro is with a hangover from the drinking.



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