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China Invasion! (チャイナ襲来しゅうらい Chaina Shūrai!?) is the fourth chapter of the Sakamoto Days manga series.


Taro and Shin visit Nikita Chinatown. Shin wonders why they came here to stock the store and Taro reveals its because of divine pork buns, that have limit to 50 per customer. They got enough, but suddenly a girl, Lu Xiaotang, falls from above and smashes the pork buns Taro had. She was being chased by two men, who manage to catch up to her. Lu prepares to fight them, but a third man appears behind her and captures her. One of the men approaches to kill her, but Taro using pincers breaks the man's knife, and Shin takes out the man holding Lu. The last man takes out a gun, but Lu uses tai chi and quickly defeats him. As more men appear, who think that Taro and Shin are part of Lu's gang, the group decides to run away.

The men report to Danshokai's chairman, Wang, that Lu managed to escape. Wang is annoyed commenting they took out her entire family, but it would be pointless if she escapes. The man tries to apologize, stating they she won't escape them again, but Bacho cuts his head. As the man didn't realize he is already dead, he still tries to breath, which Bacho finds as funny and points it out to his brother Son Hee, but gets scolded by him to not play with corpses as it isn't classy. Wang tells the brothers to find Lu, stating she has a key and if he obtains it, he will be able to rule the Chinese black market.

Lu reveals she is part of a famous triad family, and the men are after the key to her family's hidden safe. Shin suggests that she get rid of it, but Lu refuses, as her parents guarded it with their lives and if she doesn't take care of it, she won't be able to face them in the afterlife. Hearing her parents were killed, Taro stops and asks her if she can make pork buns and she confirms. Taro then states they will be helping the girl first and then restock the store, however, once they are done, Lu will make them pork buns. The brothers then appear and Bacho kicks Taro, sending him flying. Lu explains they are twin assassins, who take pleasure in killing and like taking the heads of their target to their home to sketch them. Bacho is happy to hear they are famous, but Son Hee states they should be ashamed as they need to be anonymous.

Shin attacks Son Hee, but he blocks his attack, wondering if he is angry for them killing Taro. Shin states they must be amateurs to think that would kill Taro. Bacho gets behind Lu and prepares to kill her, but Taro returns, smashing Bacho to the ground, while thinking that sweet bean buns would be good too.



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