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Officer Nakase and the Mysterious Hero (ナカセじゅんなぞのヒーロー Nakase-junsa to Nazo no Hīrō?) is the third chapter of the Sakamoto Days manga series.


At a fair, Shin participates in a shooting game, but ends up missing. Unable to believe, he checks if the gun is jammed or there is something wrong with it. Taro however, hits every target and gets all the prizes, annoying the owner who yells at him to never come back. Returning to their bite, Officer Nakase waits them and scolds them that its a no parking area. Shin sees a flyer about them when they saved the citizens in the bus jacking, but Nakase is annoyed at that masked hero as he used violence and she intends to arrest him if she sees him. While leaving, Shin comments at least not a single passenger was hurt., which causes Nakase to wonder how he knew as it wasn't a public knowledge. Shin states it was just a hunch, but Nakase finds them suspicious and while reports her location, Taro and Shin run away. Thinking they may be connected to the mysterious man, she starts chasing them.

While running, some of the citizens recognize Taro and offer him some of their new food products to taste. As they can't shake off Nakase, Taro after eating the dango, throws the sticks at her feet. Nakase sees the sticks and jumps to dodge them, but ends up landing on a wet paint and in the slight moment of confusion, Taro and Shin manages to escape.

Nakase meets a fellow older police officers, who asks her why she chose to be transferred in this small town and Nakase explains she used to live here and once a police officer helped her. And she hopes, she can help people now. After she parts ways with the fellow officer, she sees some men bugging a woman and steps up to stop them, but one of the men accidentally drops a bag of drugs.

Later, the fellow police officer visits Taro and informs him that their new recruit, Nakase, haven't returned to the station and wonders if she was chasing them again. Hana states that she likes the cop lady as she helped her before when she got lost and even gave her ice cream. Taro decides the do some exercise and they head out with Shin.

Riki, a gang leader, had caught Nakase since she saw the drugs. The gang laughs at her for trying to take them down without even a gun. Shin finds their location at the abandoned factory behind the shopping street and informs Taro. Using smoke bombs and Shin using his mind reading ability, he informs where the enemy is and Taro takes them one by one. They defeat all of them, but the last guy attacks Nakase and accidentally undoes her blindfold. Shin is worried that she will see Taro, however Taro had become slim, which even shocks Shin. As they run, Nakase wonders why Taro looks so familiar.

The next day, Taro had already regained his weight. At the police station, Nakase is training, as she is angry for being so helpless.



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