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Aoi Sakamoto is a character in the Sakamoto Days (manga) series. Aoi is the wife of Tarou Sakamoto and mother of Hana Sakamoto. She met Tarou at a convenience store where he fell in love with Aoi. Soon after the two married and had a daughter. Shortly after meeting, Aoi expressed her feelings about death and convinced Sakamoto to retire as a hitman and not kill anymore. Her principles are strict and holds them as a priority of the Sakamoto Family Rules.


She has black hair and black eyes.


Aoi is a very loving and caring woman. She can also be somewhat of an extremist going to extreme measures to prove a point of what she believes in. Along with knowing how strong her husband is and how much they care for each other, she lives life pretty fearless. Due to this, she is a bit more carefree with her decisions even when in danger. She is aware that she is reckless at times but makes up for it with her confidence and hope especially when it comes to her husband.


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