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Akira is one of the examinees taking part in the JCC Exam. She is also the niece of Rion Akao, Nagumo's and Sakamoto's old classmate.


Akira is a fair-skinned young woman with orange-yellow eyes and short blue hair with purple tips. During the test, she wears a green leather jacket with a yellow short under it and a pair of pink baggy pants.


Akira is a very gentle person who comes off as timid and scared.

She is also caring for all those around her, something which often lead to her being easily pushed around and used by those around her.

However, in spite of this, Akira is determined to accomplish her goal of becoming an assassin.

Akira also possesses a more bloodthirsty side of her, a trait which seems to run in her family.




Entering the exam reminding herself she must become an assassin, but immediately gets concerned for the other newbies. As the battle begins, Akira is given a large automatic gun which she finds difficult to use, nearly killing others in the process. She then notices Sakamoto, who has only a ballpoint pen, and already decides he is a goner, which is why she finds it even more shocking when he uses said pen to take someone out. Akira is beside Sakamoto when one of the test admins attacks him, nearly taking her out as well, but Sakamoto takes him out and claims his bullets. Akira expresses how impressed she is and begins to follow Sakamoto, promising to do her best to follow her role model.

Akira, under the instructions of Sakamoto later saves Shin and Mafuyu from Kanaguri. Upon spotting her, Kanaguri is overjoyed to have found his 'ideal protagonist' and takes Akira from the group. He begins to create his movie scene by first causing the plane to crash and then open up. As Akira and the others fall, Akira is inspired by both Sakamoto and her role model, and requests everyone give her their tops, which she uses to quickly create a parachute. Upon landing in the ocean, Akira nearly drowns due to not being able to swim but is saved by Sakamoto, and earns herself another JCC bullet.

Upon the third round starting, Sakamota, Akira and Kill Baby are placed onto the Red Team together. While spreading out, Sakamoto and Akira take a break to eat due to Sakamoto 'feeling down'. During this, several butterflies appear, and Kill Baby attempts squish one, to which Akira reacts swiftly by cleanly picking the butterfly up, which catches Sakamoto's attention. He tries to question her, but she simply says her legs give out when she faces an enemy. Behind them, a scared examinee emerges exclaiming a crazy girl is after him, but it just a trap which Kill Baby trips, trapping them all in a net of metal and the group are blown up.

Once the smoke clears, it is revealed Sakamoto protected the group with his incredibly tough apron. While Sakamoto and Kill Baby are trapped within the cage, Akira is able to get free. Under pressure from both the expectations to become an assassin and Sakamoto and Kill Baby almost being killed, Akira awakens her assassin skills and hits each assassin in their arteries, injuring but not killing. She is stopped by Sakamoto who is amazed by skills, and finally piecing it together, questions her on her family name, which she tells him is Akao, and her aunt is Sakamoto's classmate, Rion Akao, who Akira has joined the JCC to find.

Abilities and Powers[]

  • House Skills: When listing her skills originally, Akira claims her strongest skills are house work like sewing, cleaning and laundry.
    • Sewing: Akira is a masterful sewer, being able to quickly sew strong stitches in seconds mid air.
  • Paths: When determined, Akira can enter what she describes as following the path in which her assassination skills truly shine and she is able to hit special points which most would not be able to otherwise.